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SP 661 E - Productive and reliable debarking

The SP 661 E is designed for one task only – one pass debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus. Highest debarking quality and productivity is achieved through a unique combination of specially designed debarking knives, replaceable bark deflectors and high-speed feeding capabilities. Thanks to the proportional pressure function on knives and feed rollers the debarking process can easily be perfectly adjusted for different conditions, resulting in the best possible debarking quality and a minimum of fiber damage.

The SP 661 E also offers an unrivalled reliability and uptime thanks to the state of the art hose routing in combination with the very rugged and protected design. The SP 661 E truly is a productive and reliable debarking harvester head.

The SP 661 E reaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 10 to 25 cm bhd, but is thanks to the LF principle also capable of efficiently working with larger tree sizes.


All of our harvester heads have smart, useful functions. More information will be available soon.

Technical data

Learn more about the technology behind our various harvester heads. Here you will find everything from information about cutting and delimbing to weights and dimensions.


Min. pump capacity: 200 l/min
Rec. working pressure: 25-30 MPa


Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Feed motors: 565 cc
Min feed roller opening: 20 mm
Max feed roller opening: 630 mm
Max feed force: 21,4 kN
Max feed speed: 7 m/s
Proportional pressure:: Yes

Felling / Cutting

The SuperCut 150 is a very robust and powerful saw unit with integrated chain lubrication and automatic hydraulic tensioning of the chain. Together with SP´s QuickCut system this ensures an optimized cut and a minimized risk of cutting cracks.
Cutting diameter: 550 mm
Chain speed: 40 m/s
Saw motor: 32 cc
Saw unit: SuperCut 150
QuickCut: Yes


Proportional pressure on debarking/delimbing knives, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Movable knives: 3
Fixed knives: 2
Fixed bark deflectors: 2
Minimum delimbing/debarking diameter: 27 mm
One pass debarking diameter range: 27–250 mm
Proportional pressure: Yes
LogHold: Yes

Weight and dimensions

Width closed: 1360 mm
Width open: 1820 mm
Height: 1730 mm
Weight: 1520kg


The SP 661 E can be installed with excellent result on both wheel based carriers, excavators in the 14-25 ton range as well as tracked harvesters.
Tree sizes
Optimum tree size (DBH) for highest productivity*: 10-25 cm
* Diameter measured at chest height (1,3 m up from the ground)

We reserve the right to change specifications and design. Harvester heads pictured may have some extra equipment. All stated measurements/values are approximate and refer to standard equipment.

Control Systems

Compatible with most control systems

SP 661 LF can be used with virtually all control systems on the market. Through a simple adaptation the SP 661 LF can be used together with the following systems:

  • Dasa280
  • Dasa380
  • Dasa4
  • Dasa4 Compact
  • Dasa Forester
  • John Deere Timbermatic
  • Motomit IT
  • Motomit PC
  • Komatsu MAXI
  • Ponsse Opti
  • Technion
  • Techno Matic
  • TOC-MD
Control Systems

Complete control systems

SPd5Bucking is a complete measurement and control system for control of the felling process in a forest harvester in accordance with StanForD. This is our most advanced system and has support for value bucking. The system is also fully integrated with dasa5 control and communication system. All communication with the operator is via dxPc, which is a mobile PC with Windows 10 operating system, and stores all information, e.g. statistics or instructions. The dxPc computer has a touchscreen, which facilitates the work for the operator considerably.

SPd5BuckingPrio is our intermediate system. The system has support for priority bucking and is equipped with a PC. SPd5BuckingPrio is a slightly impler bucking system combined with the power of a PC for reporting, communication and other programs. Bucking is based on priority lengths with or without diameter classes. SPd5BuckingPrio is ideal when value bucking and reporting is not required according to StanForD at the same time as needing a PC for reporting, communication and other PC-programs. All communication to the operator occurs via dxPc.

SPd5BuckingPrio-C is a bucking system that focuses on simplicity without compromising on head control, performance or productivity. SPd5BuckingPrio-C has support for priority bucking with or without diameter classes and has been specially developed for felling where there is no need for wireless production reporting or the use of PC programs. SPd5Bucking Prio-C runs the Windows CE operating system.

SPd5 cab box
Regardless of which system you choose above, you can get it with our SPd5 cab box. The cab box allows SPd5 cab modules do be installed quickly, efficiently and at the highest quality. The cab box is factory-fitted at SP and delivered completely finished and tested together with the head, which ensures a correct connection and trouble-free commissioning. Thanks to the electronics modules being mounted in a protected environment inside the box, problems caused by external damage such as moisture, dust, dirt and impact are minimized.