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  • New authorized dealer in Brazil


    SP is pleased to announce that Lion Equipamentos has been appointed as authorized SP dealer for the Brazilian states of Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

    Headquartered in Curitiba/PR, Lages/SC, and Guaiba/RS, Lion performs its activities with 20 years of experience in the forestry business.Within its varied areas of performance, Lion stands out in the forestry market by its high-quality technical assistance and fast spare parts supply. With a high focus on customer service and field maintenance carried out by highly skilled and experienced staff members Lion is able to offer a great level of customer support.

    "We are very happy to welcome Lion to the SP dealer network," says Anders Gannerud, SP International sales manager. "Lion is a perfect match for us and exactly the type of company and partner we are looking for when expanding our dealer network. Not only do they have a good experience from working with harvester heads and highly technical forest products, but they also share our commitment to putting the customer first by focusing on parts supply and customer support."

    To learn more about Lion visit,

    Lion Equipamentos

  • SP Maskiner joins the Eco Log Group


    SP Maskiner joins the Eco Log Group

    A strong overall supplier when SP Maskiner joins the Eco Log Group

    In the spring, the merger between Eco Log and Gremo was announced. Now SP Maskiner AB is also joining the joint group and for Eco Log it is an important part of the company's long-term plan. Over the past two years, Eco Log has followed a clear growth strategy and Anders Gustafson, CEO of Eco Log, can state that the work so far is going according to plan.

    - A lot has happened with us at Eco Log in a relatively short time, including the acquisition of the sales company Eco Log Försäljning AB and the merger with Gremo, which means that we now have the market's most comprehensive forwarder line-up. The merger with SP widens our range even more, making Eco Log a complete supplier with a comprehensive product that covers the many and varied needs of forestry across the Globe, says Mr Anders Gustafson.

    The merger with SP means that a new Eco Log harvester head will be launched, based on SP technology but with Eco Log´s design and unique features.

    - It is very exciting to develop and follow up the results on a unit optimized for Eco Log's machines. I am positive that it will be a very competitive combination, says Mr Anders Gustafson.

    At the same time, production of SP´s existing range continues as before, and Martin Bredenfeldt, CEO of SP Maskiner AB, sees that the merger provides both stability and the opportunity to invest in the company and the products going forward.

    - Today we offer units with high performance and quality, which we will of course continue with. Existing customers can feel completely confident that our current products and the SP brand remain and that we will also have the opportunity to invest in it even more in the future, says Mr Martin Bredenfeldt.

    Facts about the merger between Eco Log and SP Maskiner AB
    The main owners of the two companies, Accent Equity and Weland, have agreed that the companies will merge under the Eco Log Group. The group will consist of Eco Log Sweden AB, Eco Log Försäljning AB, Gremo AB, Gremo Maskinservice AB and SP Maskiner AB. The head office will be located in Söderhamn while the operations for SP will continue to be conducted in Ljungby. In total, sales in the Eco Log Group are estimated to amount to approximately SEK 800 million in 2021. Sales of the regular unit range will continue to be handled via SP´s dealer network, while the new Eco Log units will be sold together with the machines via Eco Log's dealers.

    SP Maskiner AB was founded in 1978 and is today a world-leading supplier of Swedish-made harvesting units with the concept of delivering units that fit all brands and models.

    Accent Equity:
    Weland Group:

  • SP launches two new head models on Expoforest Brazil


    SP will present two new harvester head models SP 661 E and SP 761 E on the Expoforest exhibition in Brazil 11-13th of April. Both heads are specifically designed for harvesting and debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus. Thanks to the state of the art hose routing and heavy duty design in combination with superior debarking efficiency and high speed feeding, the SP 661 E and SP 761 E are built to offer highest productivity, reliability and profitability.

    SP 661 E

    The SP 661 E is optimized for tree diameters
    from 100 to 250 mm.

    New harvester head

    The SP 761 E is optimized for tree diameters
    from 150 to 350 mm.

    For more information welcome to contact Export sales manager Anders Gannerud.

  • New harvester head


    SP Maskiner has developed a completely new harvester head, the SP 661 LF. The head has the optimum characteristics for final felling with the focus on the productivity, utilisation rate and timber values.

    The SP 661 LF is a flexible, strong and efficient head with a design based on SP Maskiner's Low Friction principle, for minimal friction and maximum productivity. The unit is an excellent choice for installations on both wheel-based carriers as well as on excavators and caterpillar forestry machines.

    All types of final felling

    The head has been developed to provide the highest quality and production during all types of final felling. During final felling of thick trunks, the feed rollers and SP Maskiner's patented system, LogHold, give the maximum capacity and production. During final felling of thin trunks, the flexible design comes into its own and, equipped with multi-tree equipment, the 661 also processes thin trunks efficiently. Thanks to an extremely well protected and strong construction, the SP 661 LF also guarantees the shortest possible standstills and the maximum utilisation factor.

    New harvester head

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  • The next generation of the SP 461 LF


    SP Maskiner proudly presents the next generation of the SP 461 LF.

    The new 461 is a more robust and more reliable harvester head that is built to comply with demands for the highest productivity combined with the highest reliability and accuracy of measurement, both now and in the future.

    Highlights of the new SP 461 LF

    • New optimised hose routing between the tilt unit and valve provides the maximum service life for the hoses.
    • New stronger frame structure for longer service life
    • Robust, full cover guard for roller motor hoses gives increased reliability.
    • New improved diameter measurement with shaft-free sensor provides increased accuracy of measurement and increased reliability.
    • New length measurement unit with more powerful bearing and shaft-free sensor provides increased accuracy of measurement and increased reliability.
    • New cutting control with shaft-free sensor provides increased reliability.

    You can see the opportunities right now that the harvester head of the future can offer you. Contact your SP dealer for a private demonstration of the new SP 461 LF.


    SP 461 LF